from the book "A Quota of Qualtrough" Pages 14-22, Emigration to New Zealand

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On his own - James Edward 

THE N.Z. DEATH certificate of JAMES EDWARD QUALTROUGH who passed away in 1955 at the age of 81, states that he had lived in New Zealand for 35 years, that he was born on the Isle of Man, the son of Thomas and Jane Qualtrough who are described as 'mixed farmers'.

It also gives the information that he had married a Martha Thompson in Liverpool at 35 years of age (1909), but records no widow upon his demise. His occupation is given as gardener.

A death notice in the CHRISTCHURCH PRESS February 1, 1955, identifies him as "loved stepfather of Blanche Wild" with grandchildren named.

James Edward appears to have been a home-owner in several suburbs in Christchurch before his demise. We infer that he migrated to New Zealand from Britain on his own, presumably widowed (or, less likely, separated from his wife) to live near to his next-of-kin although no record of a New Zealand marriage has been found. he would have been 46 years of age on his arrival. He is interred in the Sydenham cemetery

(Recent research has located James Edward QUALTROUGH’s wife, Martha.

Her full name was Martha Ann QUALTROUGH. She died on 10 October 1945 at the age of 63. Her last address was 16 Churchill Street, Christchurch, and she was buried from St Luke’s Church. However the records did not say where she was interred. There is no indication whether she and James were married in New Zealand or in Liverpool).

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