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The History of the Qualtrough Family in Victoria

By Malcolm Qualtrough and Trevor Hall - Written about 1990 
(Amended April 2002) with Contributions and Research by Elizabeth Feisst, Lyn Fawcett (Hampel) and Faye Cousens.

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Descendants of Rev Joseph Qualtrough and Agnes McCullock

See Chart 22 of Descendents (pdf File 19kb)
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A very interesting family is that of Rev Joseph Qualtrough and his wife Agnes McCullock. This couple had 12 children, and their descendants are now spread world-wide.

Joseph Qualtrough was born in Rushen, Isle of Man, in 1780, son of John Qualtrough and Margaret Crebbin. His wife Agnes McCullock was born in Dumfries, Scotland about 1793.

It is not known where Joseph did his theological training, (London perhaps?) or where he met Agnes, however it is known they were married at Braddan Church, near Douglas, Isle of Man, in 1812. Their family began arriving immediately:

John 1812, Agnes Elizabeth 1814, Alexander 1815William 1818, Jennet 1820, Joseph 1822, Margaret Amelia 1824 (who died in infancy), Amelia Isabella 1826, Thomas Alphons or Alpheus probably about 1828, but baptised in 1829, Edward Herbert in 1829James 1832 and finally Henry Robert 1836.

Rev Joseph Qualtrough became the clergyman of several parishes on the Island including the one in which he was born. Yet he appears to have spent his time largely in the north of the Island. Several of his younger children were born in Lonan and Joseph and Agnes are buried there. Joseph died in 1853 and Agnes in 1854.

Of the 12 children, a fair amount of detail is known about 10 of them, but about Jennet and Joseph, nothing is known apart from the fact that they were born.

The eldest, John, followed in his father’s footsteps and became a member of the clergy. He married Emma Freeman Thompson of London (where it is assumed John did his theological training) in 1845 in Ballaugh, IOM and together they had four sons:

William John bn 1846, who became a graduate of medicine from the University of Edinburgh,Scotland. In 1881 he is living in Islington, London as a General Medical Practitioner. There is a possibility he married in Manchester in 1879 but his marital status is given as single in the 1881 census, so a query surrounds this. He appears to have died in Middlesex, England as the Manx Museum lists his Will being administered there in 1896.

Joseph Thompson (named for his mother) bn 1849, and seems to have died in either Canada or possibly Houston, Texas, USA about 1873 but nothing more is known;

Walter bn 1853 who went to Canada, married a French lady by name of Elizabeth (possibly from Quebec) and upon her death, went to Houston Texas as well. There is a Walter Qualtrough who owned land in Amigari, Township of Bertie (now Fort Erie), Welland County, Ontario in the 1890s.

Recently information came to light that and Annie E Qualtrough and an Edith Qualtrough are buried in St Pauls Anglican Cemetery, Fort Erie. I feel – but yet to be proven – that Annie E is the Elizabeth, Walter’s late wife and Edith is a child of Walter and Annie who died aged 18 months. (Jane Qualtrough of Mexico City, a descendant of Walter says that he was expected to follow his father and grandfather and become a clergyman. While in a seminary in London - probably in the 1870s- and before taking his vows, he chose to follow his own desires and not those of his father. He never took his final vows and it is apparently from there he went to Canada);

And finally Richard Goddard bn 1854, who also probably went to Canada but by 25 was married to Matilda Schwerin and living in Houston, Texas. Richard died in Houston, Texas in 1920, his will being listed in the Manx Museum. They had four children and one grandson, Henry Mosehart Qualtrough died in Houston in September 2000, leaving his widow Olive and four daughters. Susan who lives in New York and Kerri Jo who lives in Austin, Tx.

Rev. John Qualtrough later married a second time (after Emma died) to Margaret Paton and he died in Bride, Isle of Man in 1879.

Many of the descendants of Walter and Richard are now spread throughout the USA, especially Texas, of course, and one has lived her adult life in Mexico City, although her children are now living in the USA.

Agnes Elizabeth married John Kewley, Amelia Isabella married John Killey and Henry Robert married Margaret Henry and they all lived out their lives with their families in the Isle of Man.

The other five sons ventured to the antipodes - Australia, specifically Victoria.

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