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A Tribute by Elizabeth Feisst

Jane Qualtrough Delgado with her husband Luis Delgado.

Jane Qualtrough Delgado died on 7 December 2002, at her home in Mexico City, Mexico. Jane was 83.

I have known Jane since the early 1980s and always found her to be so loving and kind. She had a heart of gold yet was forthright and strong and this her children believe was a product of her Qualtrough heritage of which she was so proud.

She was an active member of the Qualtrough History mail list group since its inception in January 2001. Many of you will remember reading messages from Jane about her life with her beloved grandfather Walter Qualtrough and growing up with him in Houston, Texas... Jane's father Arthur Qualtrough died when she was 2 years old so while she never really knew her father, she had her Qualtrough-ness instilled in her by Walter from a very young age.

She also wrote to the Qualtrough History Mail List Group requesting information about internet radio stations for which she had a passion to listening to. Unfortunately her eyesight was failing and this made it difficult for her to read and write mails, but her courage and fortitude continued her Qualtrough contact with the Group until recent months.

Jane met her husband Luis Delgado at the University of Texas in Houston and they married in 1943 and returned to Mexico City to live (Luis was from there). They lived there all their married lives, raising 3 children, Rosemary, Catalina and Luis, who all returned to live in the USA. 

Jane's interest in later life, apart from her Qualtrough heritage, was her Xoloitzcuintle dogs and she had her own web page where she wrote about her love of these.

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