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The following short piece was found while searching the website of THE MANX NOTEBOOK at (to become at the end of January 2001) and seems to fit in well with the ballad on the Loss of the Herring Boats .

Once again the QUALTROUGH family lost one of their young men.

An explosion of gunpowder in the hold of the shipwrecked Brig LILY on the rocks at Kitterland Island in Calf Sound was believed to be due to a forgotten candle stub left by plunderers of the vessel. The explosion took place whilst the cargo was being unloaded.

IMG 1897

Fishing boat entering Calf Sound

Five crew died in the wreck and 29 in the explosion, most of whose bodies were blasted beyond recognition in explosion that was heard up to 18 miles away.


Memorial Stone at Kirk Christ Rushen Churchyard

It says: "In Memory of the twenty nine men who lost their lives by an explosion of gunpowder while saving the cargo of the wrecked brig LILY at Kitterland Island on 28 December 1852 leaving 22 widows and 77 orphans"

Enos LACE aged 51

William COWLEY aged 42

William KERMODE aged 55

Edward GALE aged 42

Henry GALE aged 37

Thomas WITTED aged 26

John CUBBON aged 57

William LAWSON aged 52

Thomas CALLISTER aged 43

John CALLISTER aged 29

John FELL aged 27

Samuel CALLISTER aged 29

John CALLISTER aged 22

Robert CALLISTER aged 33

William TAUBMAN aged 42

Thomas TURNBULL aged 32

George COSTAIN aged 32

William WATTERSON aged 31

Thomas NELSON aged 46

Charles CLUGTON aged 43

John GALE aged 45

Edward QUALTROUGH aged 22

William WATTERSON aged 29

William CONE aged 22

John HUDGEON aged 21

Edward WATTERSON aged 25

John WATTERSON aged 31

John CRAIG aged 32

John WEIGHT aged 26

With 5 CALLISTERs, 4 WATTERSONs, and 3 GALEs, some families were hit harder than others, however all who died must have left behind much heartache.

Submitted by Elizabeth Feisst (January 2001)

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