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It seems the call of the sea runs long and deep in the veins of most Manxmen. Whether it be as a privateer like Capt Richard Qualtrough of TYGER fame in the 1770’s, fishing for herrings of the coast of the Isle of Man in yesteryear, emigrating to other lands as many Qualtrough’s did in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, or serving their country in the Navy; all involved the magic of the sea - the adventure, the risk, the challenge, the air of freedom

One of the most ardent supporters of the QUALTROUGH FAMILY website, Lorne Duncan MacDougall of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada has forwarded some photos of his days in the Canadian Navy during World War II. It seems fitting to continue the theme of the Navy a bit longer and share them here.

Lorne was born in Newtown Cross, Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1919. He chose the Navy, as opposed to the Army or Airforce, for the adventure and a desire to see the world. He joined the Canadian Navy in 1939 as World War II broke out and stayed in service till 1946 obtaining his commission as a Pay/Sub/Lieutenant at the close of the war. He was attached to the Naval Base at Halifax, Nova Scotia for the first few years, then was later transferred to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. He joined the Navy as a wireless operator, but was later transferred to the Pay Division at Naval Head Quarters.

Left: Sub-Lieutenant L.D.MacDougall is pictured in his carefree days as a Naval Officer.

During the early years of the War, Lorne contracted rheumatic fever and was hospitalized for 3 months. It was because of this that he spent most of his naval career land-based. However towards the end of the war he got this wish to go to sea.

He joined the aircraft carrier, HMCS WARRIOR in 1945 and was sent on a training cruise to Bermuda, Panama, San Diego, California and Vancouver, British Columbia. Although Lorne never saw any action while attached to the HMCS Warrior, he enjoyed the carefree days, the ordered life of the Navy and the opportunity to see at least part of the world.


Mr & Mrs Arthur Eastham of California meet their nephew Sub-Lieutenant Lorne D. MacDougall in San Diego during his visit there with the HMCS WARRIOR near the end of World War II

One of his greatest delights while on board the aircraft carrier was to be able to visit his uncle and aunt when the carrier visited San Diego. Lorne’s grandmother was Eliza Annie Qualtrough born in Douglas in the Isle of Man in 1865. Eliza Annie married William Darbyshire Eastham and together they had a fairly large family of about eight children who were all born in the Isle of Man.

ELIZand Lorne

Elizabeth Feisst visiting Lorne in October 2004

Eliza and William Eastham emigrated to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the early 1900’s with their children. Lorne’s mother was Rhoda Eastham who married John D MacDougall. Her brother, Arthur Eastham was living near San Diego during World War II and it was Arthur and his wife, Wanda, who Lorne was able to visit when the HMCS Warrior visited San Diego, California near the end of the war.

Lorne left the Navy in 1946 and returned to civilian life. He married Mary Blanche MacDonald in 1943 and they had three daughters, Shirley, Marion and Lorna.

Kenneth MacDougall in the Canadian Navy


Kenneth MacDougall on board the HMCS ST CROIX

Lorne’s younger brother, Kenneth MacDougall, also saw that the life at sea had its perks…. travel, freedom, adventure!!

Like his brother, he chose to join the Canadian Navy also. However his five years of service to his country was in peacetime.

This did not, however, make his contribution any less important.

Ken joined the Navy in 1955 and his five years were spent based in eastern Canada, at Halifax, Nova Scotia. His service consisted mainly of service at sea in the Canadian Arctic, England, Scotland and that area of the globe. He spent his time serving on the HMCS ST CROIX searching for Russian submarines that might be spying on Canada!

The chief duty of the HMCS ST CROIX was anti-submarine and destroyer escort in preparation for a state of readiness in the event of military conflict.

One of the highlights of his Naval career was being on the HMCS ST CROIX as the lead ship in the escort fleet escorting the Royal Yacht BRITANNIA as she made her through the St Lawrence Seaway in 1958 during the Royal Visit of HM Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip. The Queen was there to open the Seaway. The ship’s Company received a message of thanks from the Royal couple.

Ken retired from the Navy in 1960 and returned to civilian life. He married Reine Mailly and they have one daughter Judy. Ken and Reine currently live in Hull, Quebec, which is just across the Hull River from Ottawa, Ontario.

Information provided by Lorne MacDougall of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and Ken MacDougall of Hull, Quebec, Canada

September 2001

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