From the Isle of Man to worldwide


From the Isle of Man to worldwide


ELIZABETH ANNE FEISST bn 30 June 1947, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Elizabeth's grandmother was Margaret (Maggie) Qualtrough, third eldest daughter of William Qualtrough and Catherine Mary Lovie.See Chart 5of A QUOTA OF QUALTROUGHS

Her interest in genealogy developed in 1975 and after organizing a family reunion for the FEISST family and publishing a subsequent family history called THE FEISST STORY, she began her long association with the genealogy of the Manx family QUALTROUGH in 1978.

Co-author Elizabeth A. Barlow

She chaired the Organising Committee for the Qualtrough Family Reunion held in Auckland, New Zealand in 1979 and subsequently researched and published with Joy McDougall, herself a Qualtrough descendant, (see separate profile) the family history book, A QUOTA OF QUALTROUGHS in 1984. It won the Literature Award of the Isle of Man Family History Society of that year.

Elizabeth moved to Australia in 1987 and after a long break recently joined forces with Malcolm Qualtrough of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, to develop this QUALTROUGH FAMILY website for the world wide Qualtrough community. The book A QUOTA OF QUALTROUGHS forms the basis of this site. She also has her own website called A QUALTROUGH CONNECTION for the descendants of her great-grandparents, William and Catherine Qualtrough, mentioned above.

She is updating the Qualtrough family tree with the help of many family members, and is engaged in further research to extend the lineages in the book.

She is especially enjoying the challenge of researching family history in the high-tech age and also the contacts made with Qualtroughs and descendants world wide. She writes articles of human interest for the website and also produces the occasional family Newsletter.

After 17 years in Australia, Elizabeth moved to the Isle of Man in 2003 to further her interest in Manx genealogy and Qualtrough research and live in the land of her forebears. Besides genealogy her other main passion is travel which she indulges in frequently being so close to Europe and UK.

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