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Qualtrough Family Reunion at Hamilton, New Zealand

12th October 2002 (Continued)


Barry Sinnott of Hamilton and Ann Qualtrough Griffiths of Auckland.


A Quota of McGhies - a large number of the McGhie family present at the Gathering from Tauranga and Waikato areas.


Cousins from afar both the same age - (not to be revealed here however!) From left, Noeleen (Feisst) Bell of Hamilton NZ, and Elizabeth Feisst of Bundaberg, Qld, Australia.A portion of the family present listening to speeches at the "formal" part of the day.


Cyril Shaw of Te Awamutu and Zelda Crawshaw of Cambridge.


Mathew (front) and Hayden Rybinski of Otaki-Wellington area, 
some of the many younger family members present.


Maireire Haddock and Ngaire Silvester of Auckland area


Doug & Betty Massey of Hamilton


Ida Feisst of Hamilton, Margaret Duff of Matamata and Noeleen Bell of Hamilton at lunch.


Jim Schwarz and his mother Laurie, both of Tauranga, Edie Schwarz of Matamata, Mrs Bradley and Chris Schwarz of Tauranga enjoying their lunch.


Tot Feisst (left) of Hamilton, Jim Duff of Matamata, and Bill Schwarz of Matamata chatting at lunchtime.


Ursula de Leeuw (left) and her mother, Aylene de Leeuw both of Hamilton, Ruth Ouwehand of Te Aroha, and Dorothy Anderton of Hamilton.


Margaret Macky of Te Awamutu and Noeline McGhie of Tauranga


Edie Schwarz of Matamata (left) and Irene Gavin of Auckland enjoy a joke.


Ruth Ouwehand (left), David and Lorraine Qualtrough and Os Caldwell all of Te Aroha.


Ida Feisst of Hamilton and Edie Schwarz of Matamata enjoy meeting each other once again.


Left to right: Kath and Lewis Hooper and Edwin and Edna Hooper all of Hamilton.


Oldest and youngest present - Ida Feisst of Hamilton aged 92 and Hannah Greenville of Te Aroha aged 20 months.


Lynette Rogers Hogg of Raglan, Caroline Rogers Lockyer of Wellington and Rosli Cowan Adams of Otaki, near Wellington.


Our very own "The David Qualtrough Singers" performing for the family in the Church. 
Their performance was of Manx Ballads and Songs in honour of the Isle of Man, 
the Qualtrough family's ancestral home.


Family members 80 years and over present at the Gathering: Front l to r: Laurie Schwarz of Tauranga, Edie Schwarz of Matamata, Ida Feisst of Hamilton, Margaret and Jim Duff of Matamata and Cyril Shaw Te Awamutu. Back l to r: ? . ?. Tot Feisst of Hamilton and ?. - apologies for the Manx flag, which slipped down!!!! (Can we please be notified who these three unidentified special people are. Thank you…. )


It took a bit of juggling, but we managed to get everyone into this picture to record the occasion of all present. In pride of place is the Manx flag, honouring our ancestral background. 
Note the three legs are in full view in this photo!

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