According to the research done by Elizabeth Feisst for this website the earliest known lineages stem back to the following:

1. John QUALTROUGH (Born about 1688) married Jane KELLY or KELLEY. John was born at Kentraugh Mill, Rushen IOM. They had six children.
See Chart 65 pdf - Descendants

2. William QUALTROUGH who died at Kentraugh Mill, Rushen in the IOM in 1717, married Elizabeth (Surname Unknown). They had three children. See Chart 66 pdf - Descendants

3. William QUALTROUGH was born in Rushen about 1715, he married Christian TAYLOR (1716-1767), They had three children. See Chart 67 pdf - Descendants

4. William QUALTROUGH and Mary OATES from Rushen in the IOM had one son, William born in 1726 who married Isabel KELLY. See Chart 68 pdf - Descendents

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