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Information supplied by Stephen Qualtrough (Liverpool) and Helen Shields (Wales)

Stephen is the grandson of John Qualtrough (1884-1954) and Alice Howarth

(See Chart 10)

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Richard Qualtrough (with his ginger whiskers)

RICHARD QUALTROUGH (1846-1922) and Elizabeth (nee Trehearn) moved to Liverpool from Colby, IOM sometime in the late 1800’s. They had the following 10 children:


Richard James Qualtrough and his wife Ellen

Richard lived at 8 Northumberland Terrace, Liverpool.

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Daughter Harriet had worked in a laundry standing up to her knees in water. She suffered from  rheumatiod arthritis and was crippled; so Richard endeavored to ensure she would be looked after in his will (See below).


Henry enlisted in November 1915 and was deployed as an ASC Supply Baker. He survived the war and in 1931 was living at 6 Heyes Street, Anfield. Henry was a red-head and worked as a supervisor at Xchange, St John’s Street, Liverpool.

Henry Trehearn Qualtrough


Elizabeth (Lizzie) Qualtrough and her husband John Hulme on the left.

5. ANNIE QUALTROUGH (1878-1879)


William lived at 146 Molyneux Road and inherited the family workshop at 74 Windemere Street. He was a builder and carpenter by trade. William serve from March 1916 after presenting himself at the Walker Artilliary.

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7. THOMAS QUALTROUGH (1883-1884)

8. JOHN (JACK) QUALTROUGH (1884-1954)

John (Jackie Qualtrough)

John Qualtrough and his wife Alice

John served as a batman in the services, he lived at 4 Hunt Street, Liverpool. He is the Grandfather of Stephen Qualtrough of Liverpool.

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10. ANNIE QUALTROUGH (1888-1947)


Back Left to Right: Daughter ?, John Qualtrough, Henry Qualtrough, Daughter ?, William Qualtrough, Richard James Qualtrough, Marion Qualtrough (Daughters are Elizabeth (Lizzy), and Annie)

Front Left to Right: Elizabeth (nee Trehearn) Qualtrough, Harriet Qualtrough, Richard Qualtrough (Senior)

Richard Qualtrough's (Senior) Will

PDF Copy………….

This is the last will andtestament of me. Richard Qualtrough, Master Joiner, of Heyes Street in the City of Liverpool. Being of sound mind, memory and understanding at the XXXX hereof.

1. I revoke all former wills and Godicils.

2. To my son Henry Qualtrough, I leave my house and furniture and effects of any and alldescriptions which are, or shall be in my dwelling house at 6 Heyes St Liverpool, or at any other address at the time of my decease, on condition that he shall provide a home for my daughter Harriet, for so long as she shall live, but in the event of her decease such household furniture and effects shall become the property absolutely of my son Henry to be disposed of as he shall think fit.

Should my son not be in a position to fulfil the above mentioned condition then I direct that my aforesaid furniture and effects shall pass into the possesion of my daughter Harriet. Should me daughter Harriet predecease me then I give my furniture and effects aforesaid to my son Henry for his absolute possession.

3. I give to my daughter Harriet all my monies due, insurances, bonds and other scrips with cash value remaining after all my first debts, funeral expenses and legacies hereinafter named are paid; to be used for her part maintenance, supplemented by allowances from all her Brothers, according to what their honour dictates and her needs require knowing by doing they are fulfilling the earnest desire of their father’s heart.

4. To my eldest son Richard James I leave my watch and gold chain.

5. To my daughter Elizabeth Catherine, Marrion, and Annie I leave the sum of two pounds and ten shillings each.

6. I appoint my son Henry and my son in law Henry J Mitchell to be executors and administrators of this my last will and in witness thereof, I the aforesaid R Qualtrough have hereunto subscribed my name the 26th day of Oct i nthe year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty.

Witness’s: W W Howard, 28 Byford St off Edge Lane Liverpool, W J Carr, 3 Portelel Rd Liverpool

The Qualtrough’s were a musical family, and Richard, his brother Henry their father Richard were members of ‘The Qualtrough String Quartet’. We believe that they held regular concerts in Liverpool and Douglas.

They were all members of their local Methodist church.

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