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Reverand Joseph Qualtrough 1780-1853 and with Agnes McCullock their large family of Descendants

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This is the beginning of what could be a long story of Revd Joseph Qualtrough, his wife Agnes McCullock and their descendants. However for the sake of space I will keep it as short as possible…………..

The Rev Joseph Qualtrough - Photo was confirmed in April 2016 from the Isle of Man Online Museum

Joseph Qualtrough (later Reverend) was baptised 14 November 1780 at Rushen, youngest son of John Qualtrough & Margaret Crebbin. He had one surviving step sibling, John Qualtrough who married Marjorie Kelly in 1793 at Rushen; (Margaret Crebbin had first married William Qualtrough c1715-1768, and in 1771 she married John Qualtrough bn 1748) & siblings, Jane Qualtrough who married Thomas Qualtrough: William Qualtrough, unmarried; Margaret Qualtrough who married William Maddrell and Eleanor Qualtrough who married John Harrison.

Joseph's parents were part of the line of Qualtroughs who owned and ran theKentraugh Mill in Rushen.

Joseph married Agnes McCullock of Dumfries, Scotland in Braddan on 19 March 1812, by which time Joseph was already in training for the ministry as in the Diocesan Archives Records in the Manx Museum, appear testimonials for his ordination in 1802. It seems he spent his early ministry at St Matthews in Douglas and ran the Academy attached to this Church till 1816 when he became Vicar at Rushen. In 1824 he became Vicar of Lonan where he stayed till his death in June 1853. Agnes died at St Jude's Parsonage, Andreas (where her eldest son was Vicar) in May 1854 and is buried with her husband Joseph at Lonan.

Lonan Church in 2011

Grave (at rear) of Joseph and Agnes at Lonan Church Graveyard -

Pictured is Jill Qualtrough wife of Malcolm (July 2011)

Grave Stone Inscription: In memory of the Rev. Joseph Qualtrough who departed this life on the 23rd June 1853 in the 73rd year of his age. He was vicar of this Parish for more than 29 years. Agnes Qualtrough otherwise McCullough wife of the above Rev. Joseph Qualtrough who departed this life on the 29th May 1854 aged 67 years; also Henry Robert, son of the above, born August 22nd 1836, died February 1st 1906; also Margaret, wife of the above who died December 21st 1919 aged 73 years; also Eliza Nuttal, sister of the above who died in Australia August 15th 1920 aged 59 years.

Malcolm Qualtrough, visiting the grave of his Ancestor in July 2011

Joseph and Agnes had a large family of 12 children.

Their first was son John, baptised 25 December 1812 at St Matthew's, Douglas, who followed his father into the ministry, attending King William's College from 1833-1836. He was ordained deacon in 1837 by the Bishop of Chester, and a priest in 1839 by the Bishop of Sodor and Man, James Bowstead. Rev John Qualtrough had a prestigious career in the Church and is mentioned in Manx Worthies by AW Moore. He died in 1879 while Rector of Bride and is buried in Arbory. John & his first wife, Emma Freeman Thompson had 4 sons: William, Joseph, Walter and Richard, none of whom stayed on the Island. As Revd John Qualtrough, with his large family of descendants, is an interesting story in itself, more will be written at a later date on this line. See Article on John

Rev John Qualtrough

Picture courtest IOM Museum

The second child of Joseph and Agnes was a daughter, Agnes Elizabeth Qualtrough, baptised at St Matthews, Douglas on 28 January 1814. She married John Kewley of Baldwin on 20 September 1838 at Braddan. They appear to have had 6 children: William Corran Qualtrough Kewley bn 1838, Amelia Elizabeth bn 1844, Carolina bn 1846, Janet bn 1847, Louisa bn 1848, Eleanor Ann bn 1851.

Nothing much is known of this Qualtrough/Kewley family except they perhaps lived at Baldwin or Lonan. It is known however, that the youngest child, Eleanor married James Cowin in 1866 at Lonan and they had a daughter Jessie bn 1867 and a son Walter Kewley Cowin, born 1871.

James Cowin went to Michigan and later Colorado, {leaving his wife Eleanor and little daughter Jessie in the Isle of Man where they are living with Eleanor's widowed father James Kewley in 1871 census}, following the mining, subsequently returning to Lonan in 1871. Eleanor chose not to emigrate with her husband who returned to USA and later divorced her and remarried in Gilpin County, Colorado in 1874. Jessie and Walter grew up in Isle of Man with their mother who also later remarried to Thomas Henry Lawson in Lonan (date unknown).

Jessie married William Edward Kelly in Lonan in 1892 and they had 5 children, Mabel, John, William Henry, Ada & Ella (Eleanor). William Henry Kelly married Mary Elizabeth Kissack in Montreal Quebec and they settled inClevelandwhere family still remain.

Other family descendants still remain in Lonan. Walter Kewley Cowin married Elizabeth Adelaide Garrett near Blackpool, Lancs, but returned to Laxey later where they died. They had three children - Eleanor Agnes, John James and Norman Alfred. Eleanor married Cecil Moughton and they went to USA, John I understand remained in Lonan where he died and Norman went to USA where he died in Ohio. Descendants this family are in Virginia and beyond and probably in Lonan also.

Alexander Qualtrough was the third child of Joseph & Agnes. He was baptised in Douglas on the 4 June 1815. He distinguished himself in a career which seems to spread through this large family.

Alexander became a surgeon, possibly attending Edinburgh University in the 1830's (not yet corroborated). He is mentioned in a Manx directory as a surgeon in Peel in 1843. Later he became a surgeon in Liverpool as it is mentioned on his marriage certificate when he married Margaret Frances (Fanny) Breach in 1850 at Gretna Green, Dumfries, Scotland. He and Fanny went separately Down Under in the early 1850's; he initially to Adelaide, Australia then transhipping to Melbourne. Fanny travelled as Matron on the "Roman Emperor" to Christchurch, New Zealand, and then on to Melbourne, apparently meeting up with her husband there.

In 1855 it was announced in a Manx newspaper of the day, that: Alex QUALTROUGH Surgeon, second son of Rev. Joseph Qualtrough Vicar of Lonan (was) appointed Health Officer in Melbourne. (ref dated Oct 31 1855 -from IOMFHS Journal August 2003) Alexander died in Avenel, central Victoria, Australia, aged 48 years.

Alexander's death certificate says he was a surgeon and that his cause of death was emanciation and debility!! (not a very good Health Officer, one can deduce!). The certificate also indicates Alexander had been in Victoria for over 10 years and that he was married. Fanny appeared not to live with her husband, but died in Melbourne just a few weeks after her husband.

Her death certificate states that she died in a Melbourne hospital 2 months later - 24 April 1863. and is described as widow of the late Dr Qualtrough, Fanny was born in Birkenhead, Lancashire, England and was 35 when she died. She is not buried with her husband, but in the New Cemetery, Melbourne. There were no children.

William Qualtrough is the fourth child of Revd. Joseph & Agnes Qualtrough. He was baptised 20 May 1818 in Rushen. William never married but like his brother Alexander he emigrated to Victoria, Australia. However there was one major difference. William appeared not to have any career of note but must have gone out there after gold, like many people who were arriving in the Colony in the early 1850s. Little is known of his life in Victoria except that he was a farm labourer in and around central and northern Victoria. His sad and lonely death is recorded in the Justice Records A magisterial enquiry was held into the cause of his death in 1883 at Wahring, central Victoria:

"The Magisterial Enquiry into the cause of death of William Qualtrough held at Wahring by John Morrissy Esq. a Justice of the Peace in and for the Central Bailiwick of the Colony of Victoria on 20th December 1883.

Witnesses: Thomas Ready, Robert Bookes, Dr. W.J. Ray, Nagambie December 24th 1883.

William Joseph Richard Ray being duly sworn saith

I am a duly qualified medical practitioner residing at Seymour. I have this day made a Post Mortem Examination of the body of William Qualtrough. There were no external marks of violence upon the body. On opening the body I found that his heart was far advanced in fatty degeneration. The kidneys were much diseased being afflicted with Granular Hepatitis(?). The liver was also diseased and the right lung engorged. The stomach was of normal appearance but healthy. I am of the opinion that the cause of death was Syncope(?) the result of the diseased condition of the heart and that the deceased died from natural causes.

Thomas Ready duly sworn saith as follows.

I am a farmer residing at Wahring. I have known the deceased whose name is William Qualtrough for a number of years. He was working for Mr Jerrimiah Breen,(?) farmer, who resides at Tatura for about nine months as shepherd. The hut the deceased was living in is a little over half a mile from my residence. He came to my place every day for milk and water. I last saw him alive about 2pm on last Sunday at my place. When he left for his hut he was living. As the deceased did not come to my place as usual I thought that there was something the matter with him as he looked delicate. I went to his hut yesterday at 8 am, and went to the place that he slept in. I found the deceased lying across the bed on his side with his clothes on. I called him but got no answer. I moved him and found that he was dead. 1 then reported the matter to the police at Nagambie. The deceased informed me prior to his death that he had a brother residing at Diamond Creek.

Robert Bookes, on his oath saith as follows,

I am a licensed publican residing at Wahring. I have seen the dead body of a man whose name I do not know which I recognised as the man that was at my hotel about a week ago. I last saw him at my hotel on Sunday. He asked for drink and said that he felt very bad. I would not give him any spirits but gave him two glasses of soda water and milk which he drank. He then got a box of sardines and a small loaf of bread, and then left. This was about 10 am on Sunday morning the 16th Instant".

William Qualtrough died on 16 December 1883 and is buried at Nagambie, Victoria, Australia.

The fifth child of Joseph and Agnes was a daughter, Jennet who was baptised at Rushen on 4 May 1820. Little is known of Jennet except that she married William Cottier in Liverpool in 1844, but returned to the Isle of Man where they had a son, William Joseph Cottier, baptised at Lezayre on 27 September 1846. Nothing more is known of this family except there is a faint possibility that they went to Texas… more in a further article. If anyone researching Cottiers knows anything of this family I would welcome contact please.

Joseph & Agnes' sixth child was Joseph, baptised at Rushen 27 March 1822. Nothing is known of Joseph except for this sad notice in the Manx Sun on 3 April 1847 stating: Joseph Qualtrough, surgeon, 4th son of Rev J Qualtrough, vicar of Lonan, died on West Coast of Africa aged 26 . Whether Joseph was on a ship bound for, perhaps Australia, or on land on the west coast of Africa is not known. He appears to have been unmarried. Here was the second son to became a surgeon. This was followed in the next generation.

Next and seventh child was little Margaret Amelia who was baptised at Rushen on 6 April 1824 however in her short 6 months of life, the large family moved with their parents to Lonan Parish where their father was presented as Vicar during this year. Margaret died 23 October 1824 and is buried at Lonan. Obviously the move was too strenuous for this little girl.

Amelia Isabella Qualtrough, the eighth child, was baptised at Lonan on 13 September 1826. She married John Killey at Lonan on 31 July 1854, just 2 months after the death of her mother Agnes. Her father had died one year earlier. John and Amelia were known to have had one child (there may be more of course), a daughter, Amelia Louisa, bn 1857 in Lonan, but she only lived less than 2 years and died at Lonan on 14 October 1859. Nothing more is known of this couple.

Ninth in line of the children of Joseph and Agnes was Thomas Alphons (or Alpheus) Qualtrough, baptised 14 September 1829 in Lonan, although it is believed he was born in 1827. Thomas emigrated to Australia in the early 1850s perhaps following his other brothers. He arrived in Adelaide with his brother Edward and a few days after Alexander, and then went on to Melbourne by coastal boat. Thomas met and married Sarah Podmore in 1863 and they farmed land in Diamond Creek, north of Melbourne where his brothers Edward and James also farmed. Thomas and Sarah had six children, most of whom died in childhood. The second eldest, Isabella Louisa (known as Lucy), born 1866, married William Johnson and they had seven children, descendants of whom still live in Melbourne to this day. Thomas Alphons (or Alpheus or Alfred… take your pick!) died at Diamond Creek in August 1910.

The tenth child was Edward Herbert Qualtrough who was baptised in Lonan on 27 December 1829 but who never married. He emigrated to Melbourne via Adelaide and owned land at Diamond Creek, like his brothers Thomas & James. His death certificate describes him as "a miner" From Victorian death records the following is given on Edward:

Deaths in the District of Diamond in the Colony of Victoria

Entry #5599:

Date & Place of Death: 22 May 1894 Diamond Creek, Shire of Eltham, County of Evelyn

Name: Edward Herbert Qualtrough, Occ Miner.

Sex & Age: Male aged 67 yrs,35 wks,5days

Cause of death: Asthma, severe cold and debility for 14 days. No medical attendant Death reported to coroner.

Parents: Joseph Qualtrough Chemist {sic}, Agnes Qualtrough, nee McColack

Informant: James Qualtrough, brother of Diamond Creek

Registered: 24 May 1894 at Diamond

Buried: 24 May 1894 at Nilumbik Cemetery, Nilumbik, Minister: Rev A Felham{?} Church of England

Born: Isle of Man

Emigrated : 45 years in Victoria.

Eleventh in line of Joseph & Agnes' children was James Qualtrough, baptised 16 January 1832 at Lonan. James attended King Williams College leaving in 1848. Like his brothers, James went to Melbourne and took up land at Diamond Creek, north of the colonial capital. He met and married a widow Lydia Thorburn (nee Howe) who already had 2 children by her first marriage. James and Lydia had 2 daughters prior to their marriage in 1863 then proceeded to have six more children. There are many descendants of James and Lydia living in Victoria, (and beyond), one of which is the webmaster of the Qualtrough website. Malcolm Qualtrough (the Victorian Qs pronounce their name "Qualtroff"!!)lives in Bendigo in central Victoria. James died in 1906 at Diamond Creek and his death record states:

Deaths in the district of Diamond Creek in the State of Victoria

Entry# 12726

Date & Place: 27 November 1906 Watery Gully, Diamond Creek, County of Evelyn

Name & Occupation: James Qualtrough, labourer

Sex & Age: Male aged 74 years

Cause of death: senile atrophy syncope visited Dr Phillips Sep 28 1906

Parents: Joseph Qualtrough, Clergyman Agnes Qualtrough nee McCulloch

Informant: Henry Qualtrough, Gardiner, of Diamond Creek

Registered: 27 Nov 1906

Buried: 27 November 1906 Diamond Creek Rev J Francis Church of England

Born Isle of Man 52 yrs in Victoria

Married: In Collingwood at age 32 (not correct) to Lydia Thorburn

Surviving Chn: Agnes 54, William-, James-, Mary 47, Emma 45, Amelia 44, Henry 42, Frances 40, Edward 39, Alice 37, Lydia 34

And finally we have the twelfth child of Joseph and Agnes, Henry Robert Qualtrough who was baptised at Lonan on 26 August 1836 and lived all his adult life in Laxey as a businessman. He married Margaret Henry at Lonan in 1874 however they had no children. Henry died at Alma Cottage in Laxey on 1 Febuary 1906 and is buried in Lonan.

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Isle of Man

March 2004

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